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Statistics show that most new homeowners purchase a smart light fixture, thermostat, alarm or detector when setting up their household at a new address. The term SMART has come to be known as the technology behind functionality: want your phone to dial a friend? Tell Siri.

That would be Susan Bennett. Know her? You should.

Voice actor Susan Bennett is the voice behind Siri. She’s the one that answers you when you make an inquiry on iPhones or iPads.

Alexa answers Amazon’s voice commands. (Recall the 2017 news that a child ordered a dollhouse using Alexa…and it delivered.)

Want your sound system to rock it out while you prepare dinner? Alexa will oblige if you ask.

The point is that Smart is more than Siri and Alexa and other voice controlled services. Smart is synonymous with technology in today’s understanding of the term that’s about intelligence.

But more than just being smart, new homes today have an overarching sensibility of intelligence that is only practiced by a handful of custom home builders…Spencer Chase among them. His influence of smart is seen at every level of the homes he builds for his customers. From the purposeful choices of specific materials to the square footage allotted to certain rooms within the home, smart means more than technology.

Smart in home construction means purposeful planning from the front end of the project. That’s something Spencer Chase does better than other custom home developers.

First, he picked the neighborhood. That neighborhood is Cory-Merrill, the place that Spencer Chase has chosen to live with his family and the place he has designated as his development area.

What’s smart about having a designated area within which to develop his custom homes is that neighborhood residents already know Spencer Chase. When these same residents begin to consider selling their home and moving on to either a part of the world or country where their grown children live, they call Spencer Chase first. That gives the owner and a potential buyer to have a conversation about a specific lot.

When these same residents consider selling and are planning to upgrade to their own dream home they now have opportunity to discuss their desires with the one man in the region who can develop a home to satisfy those dreams. Spencer Chase.

If your idea of the perfect home has always been a first-floor master bedroom, ask Chase. He’s designed and built homes that feature main floor masters that function as retreats from the hustle and bustle of today’s world. If your concept of the ideal residence is a laundry room on the bedroom level, ask Chase. He’s designed and built that. If your notion of the perfect outdoor living arrangement is a stainless steel kitchen that invites nightly cookouts, consult with Chase.

Smart in its purest definition is what works for you, the homeowner, it your most refined idea of a residence. If your dominate influence is art, Spencer Chase will construct gallery-like walls within your residence. If it’s about owning a kitchen that rivals a professional chef’s domain, Spencer Chase can do that too…because he has.

Take inventory of your top priorities in a home in which you intend to live. Then write them down. (If you don’t, they’re likely to dissolve into ineffective memories.) Then take that list to a personal meeting with Chase and review the potential and possibility. You’ll find that Chase is able to incorporate your most precious concepts into square footage that does not overlook any requirement.

P.S. Siri and Alexa are not required to attend. Just mention them by name if you want them to be part of the plan.