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Spencer Chase

Enduring design is the perfect balance of capability and creativity. “I’ve recently realized that I’m more of an artist than just a home builder,” says Spencer Chase. “My homes are my canvas. I work to make each home different and each home a little better.” Each residence is designed to provide the solutions most people don’t even realize should be part of the equation.

Cory-Merrill is one of the rare communities within the city that features tree-lined streets, wide lots, and a composite of original homes intermixed with new construction by Chase Custom Home. The custom homes built in this specific neighborhood by Chase evoke that of a legacy residences—not shiny and new, but instead featuring the materials and design characteristics of a home that's been a part of the community for decades, albeit with all new Smart features and functionality because it's brand spanking new.

Passersby searching for their dream home in Denver are known to stop in front of a Chase-built home and jot down the address. Then they begin researching who built the home and how they can be in contact with Spencer Chase to own their own similar (yet different, per Spencer Chase's practice) perfect, ideal, dream home. 

Chase Custom Home is all about delivering classic architecture with such detail and effort that the homes stand for something greater than any square footage routinely is. If you want a custom home by Chase you are in the presence of the one developer who can provide that by simply contacting us today.


Building a new home – your dream home that comes with a new lifestyle and renewed appreciation for life – isn't something one does many times in a lifetime. It's a major investment and it has to be done just right. At Chase Custom Home, we don't just build homes, we build confidence. When you work with us every detail is planned and executed to exacting standards, on time and on budget. We understand that this is more than square footage, it's the centerpiece of your life and should be the setting of celebration not frustration. At Chase Custom Home, we set out from day one to minimize the rough spots that are inherent in construction. We keep our customers fully informed of the entire process each and every step along the way.


The art in the room is the modern stairway to heaven in this Chase-built home. The very act of walking upstairs or down becomes artistic participation as one treads the treads. Multiple wood species complement…

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The wide-open floor plan of this Chase-built custom home invites family to gather from the outside in starting with the pool and hot tub. The hot tub features layers of stepped seating for the perfect…

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Typical buyers in the Cory-Merrill neighborhood tend to be families with school-age children. And then there's the retired couple from England, empty nesters a continent away from where they lived 60 years of their lives. Down the street is the single career-focused buyer who wants 4,000+ square feet to himself. The newly engaged couple lives in the second house from the corner. The single parent and teenage son complete the street.

The point is that there is no way to generalize who lives in Cory-Merrill because the neighborhood is home to all ages. Unlike Over 55 communities, this neighborhood rings with the chime of children's voices at play. Unlike far-flung suburban developments, couples here take a nightly stroll and wave and say hello to each other.

This is community.

Commitment to community sums up our philosophy at Chase Custom Home. It's why Spencer Chase lives in the same neighborhood where he builds luxury custom homes. Contact us today. We could be neighbors soon.