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Chase Custom Home is all about the neighborhood. Not just any neighborhood, but this one known as Cory-Merrill, sometimes referred to as South Bonnie Brae. The name is derived from the local schools: Cory Elementary and Merrill Middle School. Founded as a dry town in 1858 by citizens who objected to Denver proper’s saloons, the area was not fully fleshed out until post-WWII when local developer Les Tremblay built the eponymous Les Tremblay Small Houses for returning military personnel. The 600-sq. ft. single-story frame homes, some on double lots, became ripe for scraping as decades passed. Today, the tree-lined streets are home to growing families, retirees and singles—all people who share an affection for the convenience of Cory-Merrill (proximity to I-25 and parks) as well as the top-rated schools and the opportunity to find homes of every architectural style.

Fondness for this neighborhood is why Spencer Chase works exclusively in this area of Denver. It’s where he and his wife are raising their family. He’s not one of the developers who targets a section of town, builds it out and then bails. Instead Spencer Chase is here for the long run. That speaks to the quality of the custom homes he builds and to the fine reputation of Chase Custom Home has earned over the years.


Cast stone meets brick in this Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced home. Spencer Chase incorporated the substantial entry porch to protect against the wintery Colorado elements. From the escutcheons to the sconces to the natural wood underbelly…

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This urban farmhouse residence is a study in perfect balance. The modern flat upper roof and lower angled ribbed metal roofing as well as the shiplap exterior and the reclaimed brick converge to establish that…

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Design consultation isn’t just about square footage. It’s about the basics and wishes. How do you sort your laundry? How easily you can close the drapes without moving from the sofa when it’s time to tune into a Bronco’s game? It’s how you and yours plan to use the home in its perfect configuration. Spencer Chase sits with his clients, listens to their feedback and then creates a masterpiece.


Enduring design is the perfect balance of capability and creativity. “I’ve recently realized that I’m more of an artist than just a home builder,” says Spencer Chase. “My homes are my canvas. I work to make each home different and each home a little better.” Each residence is designed to provide the solutions most people don’t even realize should be part of the equation.



It has taken years to assemble the team that operates as Chase Custom Home. From the architect to the framer and the landscaper, these individuals have established themselves as better than the rest. Turns out, it’s hugely rewarding to work with our close-knit team of like-minded people. “As well, it’s rewarding to work with clients who appreciate our level of professionalism and experience,” adds Spencer Chase.
The Difference

Spencer Chase spent his considerable career with the most notable financial institutions in the world in both Chicago and London and was a project manager with one of the country’s top custom home builders, Toll Brothers Inc. He applies this cumulative experience to calculate precisely the costs, materials and timelines for construction of a forever home. “Transparency to all” is the term Chase adopted to describe his custom home development approach.

We create exceptional spaces so that you can enjoy an extraordinary life in them. A custom home is a major investment, an address for a lifetime, and it has to be done just right.

Many home builders charge a fee based on what is known in the industry as “cost-plus,” which is basically a percentage of the project. Not Chase Custom Home. Spencer Chase firmly believes that “cost-plus” offers no incentive for the builder to contain costs; in fact just the opposite. That is why Chase Custom Home charges a pre-specified fee-for-service, one based on the time involved in the project as detailed in the Bid Book, and holds to that fee no matter what the circumstances. This fee is an incentive to finish the project exactly as planned, on time and on budget — and the fees charged by Chase Custom Home represent a significant savings compared to any other builder.


From Dark Sky Lighting to LEAD v4 paints, Chase Custom Home uses sustainable products to ensure your home is planet worthy.


From the entry door to the garage door, Chase Custom Home selects doors appropriate for the individual style of each custom home.


Our custom-built homes use a palette of color that assimilates with your existing furniture or your new pieces to achieve an overall style statement.

The hallmark of a Chase-built home is found in the details. Every nuance is specifically detailed and addressed. From the bones of stately architecture to the graphic flair that is design, each home offers unique aspects especially for the individual owner. From airy whitewashed walls to solid marble backsplash slabs, the overarching design intent Spencer Chase seeks in his custom built homes is that they appear to be legacy homes, homes that have been a part of the land for decades.

The number of panes in each window or absence thereof, the number of panels in each door and the number of fixtures in each bathroom are considered in the concept of the home to meet the owner’s requirements. Then the distribution of rooms through the household is carefully orchestrated and the materials curated to achieve the owner’s preferences from traditional to contemporary. How the owner will use the rooms of the home is as important as the size of a room. Today’s homes are more fluid and personalized than homes in the past. Fewer people work at a desk; more are inclined to peck away at a laptop or text from anywhere. Books are on tape, soap comes in refillable dispensers, washing machines are located near where dirty laundry happens vs. half a house away.


Inside-out Chase Custom Homes are an address for a lifetime, one that will satisfy your requirements for perfection. Why? Because that’s the way Chase Custom Home builds every square inch of your dream home.


The outside of your home establishes the style of the interior. Spencer Chase has built homes of every style and design in the span of his career. He’s intent on making every next home the best home.

Residences built by Chase Custom Home are anything but standard. Soothing to luxurious, minimalist to glam, our homes appeal to those with distinguished taste. Our start-to-finish processes are set so high that few other developers even aspire to them. That means that buyers of Chase Custom Home luxury residences can claim an address that is inordinately perfected.

Forever homes are more special than intermediary stops along the way in life. A developer is your partner in that journey. Communication and competence are key. These are qualities that Spencer Chase and his team of pros own. Embrace the Chase… Chase Custom Home.


Our reputation is built on quality. From the ground up, Spencer Chase insists on delivering quality without compromise. It’s time to take the next step. Contact us. Let’s discuss how a Chase-built home won’t disappoint.
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No doubt about it, the kitchen is the protagonist of the home. Life happens in this heart of the home where your family spends all its time. It’s why Chase Custom Home insists on functionality of space and flow of use in the designs we build.
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