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One of the biggest considerations parents or future  parents have when considering where to buy is about the local schools. In Denver, Colorado, K-12 public schools in Colorado are primarily funded through a combination of local property taxes and state revenues. Historically, local property taxes have made up the majority of funding. In Denver, local property taxes account for nearly 57% of the system’s total revenue.

Parents can’t help but consider the annual taxes dedicated to reading-writing-‘rithmetic vs. the cost of a private school education where Denver’s Graland Middle School (Grades 5-8) runs $26,000/year (that’s $33,800 before taxes on average.)

When choosing to occupy a specific zip code, parents of the next generation want some reassurance that the education they can provide their children simply by virtue of their address has consequence.,,, and rank Cory-Merrill neighborhood among the top in the region.

Cory Elementary at 1550 S. Steel St. and Merrill Middle School at 1551 S. Monroe serve the neighborhood within which Spencer Chase develops custom homes. The schools are a part of the reason he identified this neighborhood. Parks are another. Amenities like fitness studios and restaurants are important too.

The best reward in constraining his talents to a single neighborhood is that he’s thoroughly familiar with the community on multiple levels, says Spencer Chase. Moreover, he makes his home in the neighborhood and as a result is even more invested in in keeping the quality of the community at its topmost score.

When you are considering a neighborhood in which to build your dream home, or if you’re weighing the advantages of one area of the city over another, take time to drive the streets of Cory-Merrill to witness firsthand what the best means to Spencer Chase and the dozens of families that now occupy homes he’s built in the area.

Then call our office for a personal appointment with Spencer Chase to review what it is you want in a lifetime home.